HD Ferries

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HD Ferries
Industry Passenger transportation
Freight transportation
Fate Dissolved
Founded 2007
Defunct 2009
Headquarters St Helier, Jersey
Area served Channel Islands
The HD1 ship and the Commodore Clipper (Condor Ferries).

HD Ferries was a fast catamaran Channel Islands ferry service between Jersey, Guernsey and Brittany. HD Ferries had daily departures (six crossings per day; average crossing time per leg of just one hour) from the port of Saint Helier (Jersey) to St Peter Port (Guernsey) and then to St Malo.


HD Ferries was established in January 2007 following the cessation of Emeraude Lines in November 2005. Earlier, Condor Ferries and Emeraude Lines were the only two services operating in the region. The States of Jersey, States of Guernsey and Regional Council of Brittany required an additional ferry service to meet the demand for passenger and freight travel between the Channel Islands and France. The Jersey authorities had been attempting to encourage other companies to start a rival service to Condor, to maintain a competitive environment.[1][2]

The HD Ferries vessel named HD1 is an Incat K series which is a high speed catamaran with top speeds of 45 knots. The HD1 vessel can support 400 passengers, 100 cars or 70 cars and 10 freight vehicles.

In June 2007 HD Ferries announced that it planned to incorporate Alderney and Cherbourg into the route. Following a berthing trial in Alderney harbourmaster Steve Shaw gave HD Ferries the go ahead subject to certain conditions. The Alderney service has never been started.

HD Ferries made its first successful sailing to Cherbourg on 6 August 2007, marking the start of its new twice weekly service between Jersey/Guernsey and Cherbourg. The HD Ferries service continues to grow its presence within the Channel Islands with an increasing amount of local residents, holiday makers and freight drivers using the service on a daily basis. Since its inception, HD Ferries has been involved in two collision incidents with Condor Ferries whilst the competitors ships were alongside.[3][4]

Due to lack of customers, the Cherbourg link has now been dropped in favour of a direct link with Guernsey to St Malo. The Cherbourg link may be started again for the 2009 season. The direct St Malo to Guernsey link was dropped mid-August 2008 after about 2 months operating.

HD Ferries has proposed plans to operate a service alongside Condor Ferries on the northern routes to the UK mainland but this has yet to be confirmed. This would mean the company would have to secure at least one additional vessel along with resuming their scheduled service in March 2008.

HD Ferries has since ceased all services from 7 September 2008, after giving customers who had booked tickets in future 4 days notice. The future of HD Ferries looks very uncertain now, but the company claim that they will return next year.

HD Ferries said on 12 February 2009 that there are currently no sailings scheduled for 2009 - although they advise customers to check for updates regularly on the company's website.

HD Ferries officially announced that they will not return in 2009 on 16 February, leaving a parting blast at the Jersey authorities claiming that if they want to see competition.


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