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HHO Multimedia, headquartered in Great Britain, where it has operated for forty years, is the largest independent licensor of audio and visual material in the world. Originally the Henry Hadaway Organization, HHO Multimedia now has operations in Europe, Australasia and North America. Its catalogue of copyrights includes over 30,000 audio titles and over 4,000 visual titles.[1]

Through related corporations, A-List Productions Ltd. and Bringins Multimedia Ltd., HHO is also a producer of biography, special interest and feature films for television, DVD and theatrical release.[1] The first production of Bringins Multimedia was a profile of Peter Green, former guitarist of Fleetwood Mac, entitled Man of The World - The Peter Green Story.[2]

The company was one of the first independent music company in the world to have, in one quarter, three best-selling singles and two albums, in Japan and the Far East.[2]


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