HIV/AIDS in Malaysia

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Total Number of new HIV infections and AIDS death for each year between 1986 and June 2008, by gender
Number of new infections and percentage of new infections per State population in 2006,2007 and 2008
Modes of HIV transmission in 2006, 2007 and 2008

Malaysian HIV/AIDS cases have been reporting since 1986 by the Ministry of Health. Since then, 84,630 confirmed HIV infected cases and 11,384 deaths have been reported as at the last day of 2008. Adults aged between 20 and 39 accounted for more than half of the new HIV infections. Among all the transmission methods of virus, injecting drug use contributes the most, followed by heterosexual and homo/bisexual intercourse.

Males still make up the majority of new HIV cases, but the number of women with positive status of HIV has been increasing. Female represented 9.5% of all new cases in 2000, 10.8% in 2004 and 19.1% in 2008.[1]

Local Support[edit]

Malaysian AIDS Council (MAC) is a Malaysian non-profit organisation with a mission to represent, mobilise and strengthen non-governmental organisations and communities who were working with HIV/AIDS issues.


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