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HKNet is an internet service provider in Hong Kong. It is a part of the Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Group. Previously one of the major players in the broadband market, HKNet began retreating from the consumer market, and in 2005, transferred its residential customers to the larger Netvigator ISP owned by PCCW. HKnet still maintains a reputable share in the business market.

HKNet currently has over 150,000 dial-up subscribers, a 15 percent market share, and 4,000 corporate customers in Hong Kong. The company's target for its dial-up subscribers to 240,000 and IDD customers exceeding 200,000, by the end of 2006. However, their runner-up in dial-up market had been taken by City Telecom (Hong Kong) had increased its share of the Hong Kong dial-up market to 20 percent, according to ACNielsen survey in 2006.[1] As of now, the companies current CEO is Takanobu Maeda and its head office is located in the Industrial area of Hong Kong.[2]


In recent years, HKNet has expanded their services to give corporate consumers more options for IT servicesin the global market. The company offers Network service in the domains of Broadband use, vIP Net premium internet for companies that require more speed and stability, and SecureNet Managed Network services for hybrid networks. HKNet also offers Data center's with year round operations maintaining the center for optimal consumer use.

Cloud services is another one of the many services that HKNet offers consumers. The company provides cloud services in three area's : Cloud hosting, Web hosting and web collaboration services. HKNet cloud hosting offers multiple plans ranging from HK$$0.28/hour to HK$5.93/hour.

These services are supported by the Integrated Solutions and Managing Services offered by HKNet which allows businesses to customize a plan that suits their needs. Integrated Solutions are provided through vIP Hosting, for emerging businesses that require fully managed Hosting services, and vIPSec HK Gateway for businesses that require communications between China and other countries. The Managing Services offered by HKNet allow corporate consumers to outsource their monitoring and ease the burden it places on the company by allowing the HKNet experts to monitor and manage instead.[citation needed]

The companies reliability in Asia has garnered them clients such as Yahoo! Hong Kong and the Salvation Army.[according to whom?]

Recent News[edit]


  • B2B Online shop through Cloud Hosting


  • SecureNet Managed Network Services ungraded[clarification needed] to incorporate new latency and bandwidth



  • Introducing their 56K Dial-up Service
  • Launching 1st Chinese online newspaper,


  • Formation first Internet greeting card center, HKNet iCard Centre


  • Listed by Telecom Asia as one of the top 4 ISP's in Asia Pacific


  • New data center in Kwai Chung
  • Taken over by NTT communications
  • First company to launch 6M broadband service in Hong Kong


  • Expanded services to the US, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore


  • Launched new internet service vIP-Net powered by NTT communications Tier 1 IP backbone


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