HMAS Tarangau

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HMAS Tarangau
Manus Island, Papua New Guinea
Type Naval base
Site information
Controlled by Australia

HMAS Tarangau was a Royal Australian Navy (RAN) base on Manus Island, Papua New Guinea.[1] Commissioned in 1946 at Dreger Harbour, near Finschhafen. The base closed in 1950, and the base name and its personnel and equipment transferred to Manus Island. Commissioned on 1 January 1950 as HMAS Seeadler, the base was decommissioned shortly afterwards and renamed HMAS Tarangau, as Seeadler is German for Sea Eagle. The base was used as a refueling and stores point for RAN ships travelling between Australia and South East Asia. The base was handed over to the Papua New Guinea Defence Force took over at independence in 1975, and is known as PNG Navy Base Lombrum.


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