HMS Barossa

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HMS Barossa or HMS Barrosa has been the name of more than one British Royal Navy ship, and may refer to:

  • HMS Barrosa (1812), a 36-gun 5th rate launched in 1812 and sold in 1841
  • HMS Barossa (1860), a wooden screw corvette with J. Watt and Co. engines, the lead ship of her class, launched in 1860 and scrapped in 1877
  • HMS Barrosa (1889), a third-class cruiser launched in 1889 and sold in 1905
  • HMS Barrosa (D68), a Battle-class destroyer launched in 1945 and sold for scrap in 1968

The Barrosa Corvette was built in Woolrich, England. She was sent to Japan with a squadren sent to Simonasaki, Nagasaki, and Hakodati. Having visited China, she was sent back to England in 1867.