Spanish ship Fenix (1749)

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For other ships of the same name, see Spanish ship Fenix and HMS Gibraltar.
Ship of the line Real Fénix by Rafael Berenguer, Naval Museum of Madrid
Career (Spain) Spanish Navy Ensign
Name: Fenix
Launched: 1749
Honours and
Participated in Battle of Cape St Vincent
Captured: 16 January 1780, by Royal Navy
Career (UK) Royal Navy Ensign
Name: HMS Gibraltar
Acquired: 16 January 1780
Honours and

Participated in Battle of Cuddalore

Naval General Service Medal with clasp "Egypt"[1]
Fate: Broken up, 1836
General characteristics [2]
Class & type: 80-gun third rate ship of the line
Tons burthen: 2184 (bm)
Length: 178 ft 10¾ in (54.5 m) (gundeck)
Beam: 53 ft 3¾ in (16.2 m)
Depth of hold: 22 ft 4 in (6.8 m)
Sail plan: Full-rigged ship
Armament: 80 guns of various weights of shot

Fenix was an 80-gun ship of the line of the Spanish Navy, launched in 1749. She fought at the Battle of Cape St Vincent on 16 January 1780, as the flagship of Admiral Juan de Lángara.

The Royal Navy captured Fenix during the battle, and commissioned her as the third rate HMS Gibraltar in March that year. She took part in the Battle of Cuddalore in 1783.

Because Gibraltar served in the navy's Egyptian campaign (8 March to 8 September 1801), her officers and crew qualified for the clasp "Egypt" to the Naval General Service Medal that the Admiralty issued in 1847 to all surviving claimants.


Gibraltar was hulked in 1813, and broken up in 1836.


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