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Five ships of the Royal Navy have been named HMS Hindustan or Hindostan, after the old name for the Indian subcontinent:

Hindostan is now the name traditionally given to the static training ship permanently moored at the Britannia Royal Naval College, although the ship is not in commission and thus not prefixed as HMS. The current Hindostan was previously HMS Cromer, a Sandown-class minehunter that became the static training ship in 2002.

Other ships[edit]

  • There was an East Indiaman named Hindostan that was launched in 1796 and that made three trips to the Far East. She was wrecked while outbound in 1803.
  • There was another East Indiaman named Hindostan that was commissioned into the Royal Navy as HMS Buffalo in 1813.
  • SS Hindostan (1842) was a P&O side paddle-wheel steamer that sank in a cyclone in Calcutta in 1864 while employed as a storeship.
  • SS Hindostan (1863) was built for British & Eastern Shipping Co., which sold her in 1873 to the New Zealand Shipping Co. That company renamed her the Waitara. She sank in 1883 following a collision with Hurunui in the English Channel, with a loss of 20 lives.
  • SS Hindostan (1869) was a P&O steamer that was wrecked on a reef near Madras in 1879.


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