HP 30b

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Type Financial
Manufacturer Hewlett-Packard
Introduced 2010
Cost $50
Entry mode RPN Chain Algebraic
Display Type LCD Seven-segment display dot-matrix display
Display Size 12+3 digits and 8 characters
Processor Atmel AT91SAM7L128 30 MHz processor
Memory Register 50 data and 10 registers
Program Steps 290 bytes
Connection 6-pin RS-232
Power supply 2 x CR2032 batteries
Power consumption 0.25 mW
Weight 115 g
Dimensions 77 x 149 x 16 mm

HP 30b is a programmable[1] financial calculator from HP which was released on 7 January 2010.[2] HP 30b is an advanced version of the HP's prior model HP 20b. Featuring a two line alpha numeric display, ability to input data via Reverse Polish Notation, Algebraic and normal Chain algebraic methods, and twelve digit display .

This ARM powered calculator also has some limited scientific functions which is relatively rare in financial calculators. Also, it has a built in Black-Scholes Equation,[3] for calculating theoretical premium for calls and puts, Modified Internal Rate of Return and Financial Management Rate of Return, a first.

It is one of the fastest calculators available, even faster than HP's flagship model 50g under normal usage conditions because 30b runs native ARM code while 50g emulates Saturn code even though it executes at 70Mhz. 30b is also acclaimed by users for its improved rotate-and-click keys than the much criticized keys on HP 20b.

As of now HP 30b is not allowed in any major exam like CFA Charter exam.

HP-30b with overlay for WP-34s


As with the HP 20b, the HP 30b's firmware can be overwritten ("flashed") using a computer and a special cable. Taking advantage of this facility, a team of HP calculator enthusiasts have produced a firmware for converting the 30b into a programmable scientific calculator.[4] The resulting WP-34S firmware and user's manual can be downloaded for free[5] and a special serial cable and keypad overlay can be purchased for a nominal fee.[6] The WP-34S is also being sold commercially.[7]