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HP Helion is an enterprise cloud platform brand from Hewlett Packard consisting of hardware, software, and services hosted in the private, public, and hybrid cloud. HP Helion was announced and launched in May 2014. HP has stated it will commit 1 billion USD over two years to develop and market the platform.

Designed to address the growing need for enterprises to move their infrastructure to public, private, managed/hosted, and hybrid clouds and the desire to implement clouds on open source software, HP has developed several Helion products and components, with OpenStack open source cloud technology and Cloud Foundry technology as their foundation.

HP Helion Offerings[edit]

HP Helion OpenStack® is a commercial-grade software solution that enables customers to deploy private, managed, hybrid, and public cloud services based on OpenStack technology. HP Helion OpenStack reduces the complexity of cloud deployments, and is the underlying platform for the Helion Development Platform.

HP Helion OpenStack Community is a pure and free-to-license distribution of OpenStack technology for small-scale open cloud environments.

HP Helion Development Platform is based on Cloud Foundry™. It is a free add-on for HP Helion OpenStack Community that provides developers and IT professionals with an open development platform designed for agility.

HP Helion Public Cloud provides a transparent, enterprise-grade public cloud based on OpenStack technology with on-demand, pay-as-you-go cloud services for computing and storage infrastructure as well as platform services.

HP Helion CloudSystem provides an open, secure, and integrated cloud solution that offers enterprises and service providers an easy path to hybrid cloud for quickly building and managing cloud workloads.

HP Helion Eucalyptus provides interoperability with Amazon Web Services (AWS). It allows applications to be moved on-premises with no modification to the workload, design patterns, no mindset.

HP Helion OpenStack Main Features[edit]

Some of the main features and services of HP Helion OpenStack include: • Horizon: configuration and management dashboard. The dashboards are the web-based user interface for creating and managing HP Helion OpenStack resources. The HP Helion OpenStack dashboard is used to view, allocate, and manage all virtual resources within a cloud.

Cinder: block storage.

Swift: object-based storage that is massively scalable.

Ceph: provides distributed block, object, and file storage capabilities.

Ceilometer: metering and measurement of service and resource usage for billing/chargeback.

Nova: the compute service. Nova manages the hypervisors and virtual machines in the environment.

Neutron: the service for creating and managing virtual networks.

Heat: services orchestration. The orchestration service provides a template-based orchestration for describing a cloud application. A Heat template is a YAML file that describes the infrastructure for a cloud application.

Keystone: the identity management service. Keystone enables the creation and management of users and security groups, and controls access to the cloud environment.

Glance: the Image Operations service enables creation and maintenance of server images, which can be used to launch virtual machines across the cloud.


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