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HP SureSupply is a freeware software tool for printers. The software is developed and distributed by HP. The users of HP Printers equipped with SureSupply can buy the Ink cartridge-toner online, through their preferred distributor or the HP Store.

In 2008, SureSupply received more than 3 million visits,[1] from Europe, and currently it has received approximately 4 million visits.[2]


SureSupply automatically alerts the user when the printer cartridge or toner is running low and invites the client to simplify the buying process by acquiring it online, the delivery time is about 3 days.

If the client accepts, the service transmits the necessary information (printer model and compatible cartridge–toner) to the SureSupply platform via Internet; all the client has to do is select the products needed and choose the preferred supplier.

SureSupply provides a direct access to the web page of the preferred supplier, and SureSupply fills the user’s virtual shopping cart with the chosen cartridge – toner. This avoids the user having to look for references of the accessories and worrying whether the correct cartridge has been ordered.

Printer Compatibility[edit]

SureSupply is available in HP printers of both inkjet and laser from 2004 onwards. Any printer that does not have SureSupply activated can download it from the web.[3]

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