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HS or Hs can stand for:

Science and education[edit]


Companies, organisations and groups[edit]

Other uses[edit]

  • Hail Satan, a Satanist greeting to, or exclamation of adoration for, Satan
  • Harmonized System, the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System of tariff nomenclature
  • '.hs', the Haskell programming language's typical filename extension
  • Higher self, a New Age interpretation of atman
  • H.S., a monogram representing a Sestertius, an ancient Roman coin
  • h.s., medical abbreviation for the Latin phrase hora somni ("at bedtime")
  • hs, medical abbreviation for "hours of sleep"
  • Hun Sen, the prime minister of Cambodia
  • Hurricane strap, a component installed to enhance a structure's resistance to high winds
  • Hypothetical syllogism, a proof rule in classical logic
  • Lexus HS, a hybrid car produced by Toyota
  • HS postcode area, covering the Outer Hebrides, Scotland

See also[edit]

  • HSBC, a British banking company