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HaOn is located in Israel
Coordinates: 32°43′29.02″N 35°37′18.62″E / 32.7247278°N 35.6218389°E / 32.7247278; 35.6218389Coordinates: 32°43′29.02″N 35°37′18.62″E / 32.7247278°N 35.6218389°E / 32.7247278; 35.6218389
Council Emek HaYarden
Region Jordan Valley
Name meaning The Strength

HaOn (Hebrew: הָאוֹן), is a community settlement on the shore of the Sea of Galilee in northern Israel. Located at the foot of the Golan Heights about a twenty minute drive from the city of Tiberias, it is part of Emek HaYarden Regional Council.

Until July 2007 it operated as a kibbutz, but debts of 50 million NIS meant that it had to sell its businesses and return land to state ownership.[1]

This moshav has also become famous among Israelis for its Zula where musicians and music lovers gather at an undisclosed location throughout the year.[citation needed]