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Habaswein is located in Kenya
Location of Habaswein
Coordinates: 1°01′N 39°29′E / 1.01°N 39.49°E / 1.01; 39.49Coordinates: 1°01′N 39°29′E / 1.01°N 39.49°E / 1.01; 39.49
Country Kenya
Province North Eastern Province
 • Urban 20,000
Time zone EAT (UTC+3)

Habaswein is a settlement in Kenya's North Eastern Province, which is almost exclusively inhabited by ethnic Somalis. The name Habeswein literally means a lot of dust; local tale has that there is a lot of dust during the winter period. The town falls under Wajir south constituency in Wajir District whose population is 138,000 in the 2009 census (disputed) but estimated real population by NGOs and other development agencies is 248,000. Wajir Sampadros Adan South is the largest constituency in size in North Eastern Province and the second largest in the whole country.

It has lakes, seasonal rivers/streams and agricultural valleys.

The lakes are: Lake Bor, Lake Bissike, Lake Bogol, Lake Duup, Waratiris (stream), Abakfin, Ibrahim Ure, Shuub waraba, Injir, Lake Dima, Qote, Shimbirey and Quarintil.