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Habibi (Syriac: ܚܰܒܺܝܒܳܐ, Arabic: حبيبي ‎) is a Syriac-Aramaic and Arabic word whose literal meaning is "my beloved" (when addressing a male object of affection; the feminine form in Arabic is habibati and colloquially habibti, in Aramaic ah habibaydhi and habibti or habibtaydhi).

Habibi also has the meaning of friend or darling. It originates from the adjective Syriac habibo[1] and Arabic habib (beloved).

In addition to its literal meaning, the term can denote any of several less formal relationships and can serve as a term of endearment at the corresponding level (e.g., friend or darling).

Habibi may also refer to:

Film and television[edit]

  • Hush Hush Baby (original title: Shouf Shouf Habibi!), a 2004 Dutch comedy film



  • Habibi (band), an American band from Brooklyn, New York.
  • "Yalla Habibi", a song by the artist Karl Wolf 2009 performed by Karl Wolf, Rime and Kaz Money
  • "Habibi", a song by the band System 7 from their 1991 album System 7
  • Habibi Dah, a 2000 album, by the Egyptian pop singer Hisham Abbas
  • "Habibi Ya", a love song by the Egyptian pop singer Mohamed Fouad from his album Habibi Ya
  • "Habibi Ya Malak", "Habibi Lil Abad", and "Habibi Ma Nseet", songs by the Lebanese singer Darine Hadchiti from her 2006 album Irtahlak Albi
  • "Etef Habibi", a song by the Syrian singer Asalah Nasri from her 2001 album Moshtaqah
  • "Fen Habibi", a song by the Syrian singer Asalah Nasri from her 2005 album Aadi
  • "Habibi" a song by the artist Prince an internet only release from his website in the early 2000s.
  • "Habibi wala ala balo" a song by the artist Amr Diab
  • "Habibi (je t'aime)" a song by the group Milk & Honey
  • "Habibi", a song Michael Franti sang wherever he visited promoting his documentary film called I Know I'm not Alone
  • "Habibi Habibi" a Tamil song from the movie Sadhu Miranda (2008)
  • "Habibi min zaman", a song by Balkan Beat Box from their 2007 album Nu Med
  • "Habibi", a song by Orange Blossom from their 2004 album Everything Must Change
  • "Habibi de Mis Amores", a song by Alabina (a cover of Amr Diab's "Nur al-Ayn")
  • "Habibi (Sawah)", by Alabina's lead singer Ishtar (a cover of "Sawah by Abdel Halim Hafez)"
  • "Sidi h'bibi", a song by Mano Negra
  • "Viens Habibi", a song by Cheb Mami, on his album Dellali
  • "Ben Aindi Habibi," a song by Mary Fahl, from her album 'The Other Side of Time.'
  • "Habibi," a song by the Sudanese Muhamed El Amin [1]
  • "Ya BB" a song by Play & Win
  • "Habibi" a song by Tony Ray & Sin Project
  • "Habibi" a song by the artist Rola Saad.
  • "Habibi" a song by the Dutch rock band De Staat from the album Wait For Evolution.
  • "Habibi Yah Habibi, a well-known Hebrew zemer of Asher Mizrahi
  • "Habibi", a song by Angie Reed from her album 'Presents the Best of Barbara Brockhaus'.
  • "Habibi" by the Moroccan-Spanish artist Hakim from El Clon soundtrack
  • "Habibi" a single by the Romanian singer Glorya.
  • "Habibi", a song by Firefox AK from their 2006 Synth-pop album 'Madame, Madame!'.
  • "Habibi" a song by the Afghan singer Aryana Sayeed, 2012, also a music video by the same name, Sherzaad Entertainment.
  • "Habibi", a song by Radiodervish, an Italian world music band. This song belongs to the album "Centro del mundo" of 2003.
  • "Habibi I Love You", a song by Ahmed Chawki featuring Pitbull produced by RedOne. Released in September 2013.


  • A common English usage is "habibi you" as a term of endearment[citation needed]
  • "Habibi", title of a 17 meter sculpture skeleton by the artist Adel Abdessemed. He created a smaller version in glass titled "Habibati"


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