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For the village in Iran, see Hadas, Iran.
Leader Bader Al-Nashi (General secretary)
Founded 31 March 1991
Headquarters Kuwait Kuwait City, Kuwait
Ideology Sunni Islamism
Political position Right-wing
International affiliation Muslim Brotherhood
Politics of Kuwait
Political parties

Hadas (Arabic: حدس‎; acronym: Arabic: الحركة الدستورية الإسلامية, or Al-Haraka Al-Dosturiya Al-Islamiyah or "Islamic Constitutional Movement,") is a Kuwaiti Islamist Organization. It has three members in the current National Assembly of Kuwait.

Hadas was established on 31 March 1991 following the liberation of Kuwait from the Iraqi invasion in the Gulf War. The group of people that started the Movement and still control it are Kuwaiti Islamists following the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood, most notably is Jassem Mohalhel.

The Current Secretary General of Hadas is Bader Al-Nashi.

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