Hadden Clark

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Hadden Irving Clark
Hadden Clark.jpg
Born July 31, 1952
Troy, New York
Other names The Cross Dressing Cannibal,
The Rockville Rocket
Criminal penalty
70 years in prison
Conviction(s) Murder,
Victims 2+
Span of killings
Country United States
State(s) Maryland
Date apprehended
November 6, 1992

Hadden Irving Clark (born July 31, 1952)[1] is an American murderer, currently serving two 30-year sentences for the murders of 6-year-old Michelle Dorr in 1986, whom he cannibalized, and 23-year-old Lauren Houghteling in 1992.[2][3] He was also given a 10-year sentence for robbery.[3] He is the second child of four[3] and was born and raised in Troy, New York. Clark's brother, Bradfield Clark, strangled a woman in California; his father, Hadden, Sr., committed suicide.[4] Clark confessed to the 1974 murder of an unidentified murder victim nicknamed "Lady of the Dunes" but many are in doubt due to his history of false statements.[5]

Lady of the Dunes[edit]

Main article: Lady of the Dunes

Clark sent a letter claiming he had killed a currently unidentified woman on Cape Cod, Massachusetts in 1974. Clark explained that he had buried evidence from the crime in his grandfather's garden and that he knew the woman's identity but was not going to tell authorities because he claimed they mistreated him. Due to the fact that he suffers from paranoid schizophrenia, police are skeptical as to the truth of this confession.[5]


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