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Haemolacria is a physical condition that causes a person to produce tears that are partially composed of blood. It can manifest as tears that are anything from merely red-tinged to appearing to be entirely made of blood.

Haemolacria is a symptom of a number of diseases,[1] and may also be indicative of a tumor in the lacrimal apparatus. It is most often provoked by local factors such as bacterial conjunctivitis, environmental damage or injuries.[2]

Acute haemolacria can occur in fertile women and seems to be induced by hormones, [2] similarly to what happens in endometriosis.

Documented cases[edit]

Twinkle Dwivedi
From Lucknow, India, allegedly presented a rare condition that causes her to spontaneously bleed from her eyes and other parts of her body without presenting any visible wounds.[3] Dwivedi has been the subject of numerous medical research studies and TV shows such as BodyShock[4] and a National Geographic documentary.[5]
In lack of a medical explanation for her condition, possible religious explanations have been posed. She could have an unknown disease that only she appears to be suffering from, but more skeptical views hypothesize that the case might be explained by the so called Münchausen syndrome by proxy, meaning her mother, seemingly the only one to witness her bleeding actually starting, is fabricating the story and somehow inducing the effect on the girl.[6]
Calvino Inman
Aged 19, weeps tears of blood 3 times a day.[7]
Rashida Khatoon
From India, can cry blood up to 5 times a day, and even faint with every weeping.[8]

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