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Haga is a surname and place name common to Norway, Sweden and Japan. Haga may refer to:






  • Haga, Nes, a village in Nes municipality, Akershus county
  • Haga Station, a railway station located in the village of Haga in Nes municipality
  • Haga, Hordaland, a village in Samnanger municipality, Hordaland county
  • Haga Church, a church in the village of Haga in Samnanger municipality


  • Håga, locality situated in Uppsala Municipality, Uppsala County, Sweden
  • Haga, Gothenburg, a district in Gothenburg
  • Haga, Umeå, a residential area in Umeå
  • Haga Castle, Swedish castle outside Enköping by Lake Mälaren
  • Haga Church, church located in Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Haga Echo Temple, situated in Hagaparken in Stockholm
  • Haga, Enköping, locality situated in Enköping Municipality, Uppsala County, Sweden,
  • Haga Palace, located in Hagaparken, Solna Municipality in Sweden
  • Haga trädgård, located in the northern end of Hagaparken Solna, Sweden
  • Hagaparken (Haga Park), in Solna Municipality just north of Stockholm


  • The battle cry of Sapporo cannoneers.
  • Hebrew term for yum-yum.
  • A belief of a mental state, whose followers believe in the ability to conquer stronger foes through tactics, fluke, and exploiting enemy arrogance. The idea is based on the fall of the archer Haga. Originating in circa 1200 AD the belief system spread through many small warrior groups and spread from Asia outward toward the Indian sub-continent to eastern Europe.
  • SS Haga, a number of steamships