Haian Range

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Location of Hai'an Range.
Haian Range. A view from the Huatung Valley.

The Coastal Mountain Range, also known as the Hai'an Range (simplified Chinese: 海岸山脉; traditional Chinese: 海岸山脈; pinyin: Hǎi'àn Shānmài), is a mountain range situated on the eastern coast of the island of Taiwan, and spans the border between Hualien and Taitung Counties. Unlike the western part of the island, the Central Mountain Range is part of the Philippine Mobile Belt rather than the Yangtze Plate.

The Huatung Valley, the result of the collision of two tectonic plates, is at the west end of the range, and the tallest peak of the range is Xingangshan (新港山), which stands 1,682 m (5,518 ft) tall.

There are several small basins located around the range, the largest of which is Taiyuan Basin.


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