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Bottle Haig Whiskey.jpg
Type Scotch whisky
Manufacturer John Haig & Co Ltd
Country of origin Scotland
Headquarters in Markinch.

Haig, also known as Dimple, Dimple Pinch,[1] or Haig's Pinch,[2] is brand of Scotch whisky, originally manufactured by John Haig & Co Ltd. The brand and its distillery is now part of the Diageo conglomerate.


The dimpled bottle was introduced in the 1890s. This bottle became so well known and important to the brand that it was registered as a trademark in the US in 1958 by Julius Lunsford.[3]

The business was originally owned by the Scottish Haig family, whose members included Field Marshal Douglas Haig, famous for commanding the British Army in some of the largest battles of the First World War. The family business was subsequently merged into United Distillers and Vintners (UDV) and then into the larger conglomerate Diageo.


One of their best known advertising slogans was Don't be vague, ask for Haig.[4][5]



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