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Haikyū Volume 1.jpg
Cover of the first volume of the original Japanese release.
Genre Sports (volleyball), Comedy-drama
Written by Haruichi Furudate
Published by Shueisha
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump
Original run February 20, 2012 – ongoing
Volumes 11 (List of volumes)
Anime television series
Directed by Susumu Mitsunaka
Written by Taku Kishimoto
Studio Production I.G
Licensed by
Network JNN (MBS)
Original run April 6, 2014 – ongoing
Episodes 25 (14 aired) (List of episodes)
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Haikyū!! (ハイキュー!!?) is a Japanese shōnen manga series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. Individual chapters have been serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump since February 2012, with bound volumes published by Shueisha. The series was initially published as a one-shot in Shueisha's seasonal Jump NEXT! magazine prior to serialization. As of June 2014, eleven volumes have been released in Japan.[1] An anime adaptation began airing in April 2014, which has been licensed for digital and home release in North America by Sentai Filmworks.[2]


Junior high school student Shōyō Hinata gains a sudden love of volleyball after seeing a national championship match on TV. Although short in height, he becomes determined to follow in the footsteps of the championship's star player, nicknamed the "Small Giant", after seeing his plays. He creates a volleyball club and begins practicing by himself. Eventually five other members join the team by his last year of middle school, but they are defeated in their first tournament after being challenged by the championship favorite team, which includes the so-called "King of the Court" Tobio Kageyama, in the first round. Though Hinata's team suffers a miserable defeat, he vows to eventually surpass Kageyama and defeat him.



Written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate, the series has been serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump since February 2012. As of June 2014, the series has sold over seven million volumes.[3]

Radio drama[edit]

A radio drama for the series was broadcast in November 2012 on TV Tokyo's Sakiyomi Jum-Bang! program, with multiple voice actors providing voice samples for the characters.[4][5] It was later distributed in December 2012 via Shueisha's Vomic website.[6]


A television anime series produced by Production I.G premiered on April 6, 2014 on MBS, other JNN stations, and with English subtitles on Crunchyroll.[7] The opening theme song is titled "Imagination" is performed by Spyair while the ending theme song "Tenchi Gaeshi" is performed by Nico Touches the Walls.[8] The anime has been licensed for digital and home video release by Sentai Filmworks.[9]

Episode list[edit]

No. Title Original air date
1 "The End & the Beginning"
"Owari to Hajimari" (終わりと始まり) 
April 6, 2014
Young ace spiker Shoyou Hinata participates in his first ever volleyball match in junior high, but his first match is against Tobio Kageyama, a man known as the king of the court. Kageyama is recognized nationally as one of the best setters, but he pushes his teammates harder than any of them think should take place. He calls Hinata useless and tries to prove up with continual blocks against him. However Hinata manages to score some points with his speed and route alterations. In the end Kageyama easily advances 3-0 and Hinata vows revenge. 
2 "Karasuno High School Volleyball Club"
"Karasuno kōkō Haikyūbu" (烏野高校排球部) 
April 13, 2014
Hinata arrives at Karasuno High School determined to join the volleyball club and defeat Kageyama. He is shocked when he walks into the gym and finds Kageyama is a potential member of the Karasuno team. The two personalities clash, and when captain Daichi Sawamura arrives he throws the two out and tells them they can't join the club until they start to get along. A few days pass and the two get envious. Instead of agreeing to work as a team though, they challenge the 3rd years to a match on the condition if they win, they join the team. If they lose, they are out for their entire high school careers. 
3 "The Formidable Ally"
"Saikyō no mikata" (最強の味方) 
April 20, 2014
Sawamura accepts the proposal match of Hinata and Kageyama, but he alters it. Instead of being a match against the 3rd years, it will be a 3-on-3 frst years match. Sawamura reveals he will play on the team that Hinata and Kageyama aren't on and designates Tanaka Ryuunosuke as their teammate for the match. Kageyama and Hinata meet fellow first years Kei Tsukishima and Tadashi Yamaguchi. Tsukishima reveals he is a blocker that no one has been successful against, and he reveals why Kageyama was known as the "King of the Court" in junior High. Hinata refuses to accept his explanation though, and at secret practices in the morning Kageyama, Hinata, and Ryuunosuke begin to improve Hinata's serve receive and fine tune his spike attack. 
4 "The View From the Summit"
"Itadaki no Keshiki" (頂の景色) 
April 27, 2014
The practice match that will determine the future of Kageyama and Hinata begins as Kageyama, Hinata, and Ryuunosuke battle Tsukishima, Yamaguchi, and captain Sawamura in a 3-on-3 first years match. Kageyama begins to fall into his old setting habits, making it hard for Hinata and Ryuunosuke to spike the ball. When he does get in tune, Tsukishima is predicting his moves and is managing to block all their points. It looks like it will be an easy win in set 1 for the captain's team, but then Kageyama and Hinata start to succeed with their quick attack, which could completely change the outcome of the match. 
5 "A Coward's Anxiety"
"Shōshinmono No Kinchō" (小心者の緊張) 
May 4, 2014
Kageyama and Hinata begin to get in sync. As Kageyama's sets start hitting Hinata's hands every time, Tsukishima is forced to change his tactics at blocking. This frees Ryuunosuke up on the other side, and the team of Kageyama, Hinata, and Ryuunosuke is able to rally and win the 3-on-3 first year match. With the win Kageyama and Hinata are acepted as official team members. Just then advisor Ittetsu Takeda arrives and says he has been able to arrange apractice match with Aoba Johsai. However there is one condition. Tobio Kageyama must act as the setter for the entire match. 
6 "An Interesting Team"
"Omoshiroi Chīmu" (面白いチーム) 
May 11, 2014
Karasuno goes with the team of Daichi Sawamura, Tanaka Ryuunosuke, Tobio Kageyama, Shouyou Hinata, Kei Tsukishima, and Tadashi Yamaguchi for their practice match against Aoba Johsai High. Before the match even begins Kageyama runs into his old teammate, Kindaichi, who continually calls him king of the court and promises they will defeat. Once the match gets underway though, the quick attack of Kageyama and Hinata proves to be an effective weapon. However Kageyama reveals he doesn't think Aoba Johsai is using their true setter. 
7 "Versus the Great King"
"VS Daiō-sama" (VS 大王様) 
May 18, 2014
Oikawa returns for Aoba Johsai. He is revealed to be their captain and their true setter. He also is Kageyama's original senpai. When Oikawa comes up to serve, he starts hitting perfect serves to Tsukishima, resulting in an ace every time. It isn't until Sawamura changes their formation that Karasuno is finally able to win the match against Aoba Johsai. However Oikawa reveals when they next meet, Aoba Johsai will be using all its aces from the start, and a very different result will be expected. On the bus ride home, Sawamura reveals that Karasuno also has a few surprises. Their libero, Yu Nishinoya, is about to return and completely change Karasuno's dynamics as a team. 
8 "He Who Is Called "Ace""
""Ēsu" to Yobareru Hito" ("エース"と呼ばれる人) 
May 25, 2014
Yu Nishinoya returns and helps the team start getting better with receiving the ball. However Yu refuses to play in any game until theri ace, Asahi Azumane retuns. Meanwhile advisor Ittetsu Takeda continues to pursue Keishin Ukai as the next coach of Karasuno High. Keishin tells him he isn't like his grandfather and has no interest in coaching a bunch of brats, but Ittetsu comes up with a plan he believes will pull Keishin into the world of coaching. 
9 "A Toss to the Ace"
"Ēsu e no tosu" (エースへのトス) 
June 1, 2014
Keishin Ukai agrees to become the next coach of Karasuno after he learns of the upcoming practice match, but only until the practice match is finished. To learn the strengths of each of the current players, he arranges an exhibition for them against his stores volleyball association, a group that happen to be alums of Karasuno. Yu and Sugawara Koushi are placed on the association team to allow an even match, as only four of the players had been able to make it. Filling in the last spot is Asahi Azumane, whom Hinata spots out the window. Now Asahi must prove he deserves the title ace and get past the triple block of Kageyama, Ryuunosuke, and Tsukishima to regain his confidence. 
10 "Yearning"
"Akogare" (憧れ) 
June 8, 2014
The practice match between Karasuno and the Neighborhood Association continues with Karasuno down 1-0. Ukai manages to see firsthand how Hinata can be the ultimate decoy and learns how quickly Kageyama and Hinata have grown together as a duo. He also witnesses firsthand how Hinata's speed is difficult to keep up with. However an off-speed serve allows the Neighborhood Association to get four straight aces and take a 24-18 lead. On the final point Ryuunosuke finally gets the chance to spike, but Yu manages to save the spike, and Azumane ends the game with a killer spike. Now Ukai must decide whom the regular starters will be. One thing is for certain, the duo of Kageyama and Hinata seem to have their fates tied together. Will they be in the starting lineup, or will they come off the bench. Ukai also decides practice for the first and second years will focus mainly on receiving serves to address the teams biggest weakness. 
11 "Decision"
"Ketsudan" (決断) 
June 15, 2014
Karasuno heads off to training camp. During a jog on one of the days Hinata gets lost and runs into a volleyball player in a red jersey named Kenma. Before Kenma reveals which team he plays for one of his teammates shows up and leads him off to a practice match. After hesitating to decide a starting lineup, Ukai goes with Sawamura, Yu, Azumane, Ryuunosuke, Tsukishima, Kageyama, and Hinata. Ukai reveals in the past Nekoma hasn't had outstanding players, but they have been a team that thrives on receives and kills. Karasuno's players receive their jerseys, and Hinata has the number 10, the same number as his idol the "Little Giant." He learns the Little Giant was on the only Karasuno team that has made nationals and thinks it is fate. Finally it's practice gameday. Nekoma and Karasuno line up outside and meet each other face-to-face. 
12 "The Neko-Karasu Reunion"
"Neko to karasu no Saikai" (ネコとカラスの再会) 
June 22, 2014
Nekoma and Karasuno begin their match with Kageyama and Hinata connecting on a quick attack that gives Karasuno the 1-0 lead. Nekoma realizes they're up against a genius setter, so they decide to start marking Hinata. Hinata's blocker gets used to his speed and feints and begins to start blocking his shots, allowing Nekoma to win the first set 25-22. However Kageyama uses the opportunity to teach Hinata how to do a straight attack and how to use his eyes to find the holes in the opponents defense. Hinata ends up managing to change his spike path in mid-air during set 2. It ends up going long, but Hinata realizes he has a new dangerous weapon to go along with his quick attack if he can master it. 
13 "Rival"
"Kōtekishu" (好敵手) 
June 29, 2014
Nekoma and Karasuno play the second set to an epic 25-23 showdown, but in the end Karasuno falls just short. However the two schools reform a rivalry that is better than time could imagine. The two come to realize they each have similar personalities on their teams, and they each have first years with goals and ambitions. Best of all they realize they are starting to unite as a team. Despite being thoroughly crushed, Karasuno vows to get revenge on the national stage. In the end Ukai agrees to become the Karasuno regular full-time coach. 
14 "Formidable Opponents"
"Kyōteki-tachi" (強敵たち) 
July 6, 2014
The bracket for the Inter-High is announced. Karasuno has its final practices and works on back-end spikes and signals. The lost Karasuno flag that says Fly is revealed. Hinata and Kageyama reveal they've had a race every morning to the gym since they've been teammates. Kageyama currently leads 32-30, but Hinata vows to defeat him in every way possible until they can faceoff in a match against each other again. Yamaguchi secretly works on mastering the jump float serve so he won't be the only first year without an ability to contribute to the team. Ukai begins farming in the morning as another source of income for the family store. 
15 "Revival"   July 13, 2014

Video games[edit]

Shoyo appears as a support character in the Jump crossover fighting game J-Stars Victory Vs for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.


The series has been met with generally positive reception. As of May 2013, over two million volumes have been sold.[3] The first volume was ranked 22nd on the Tohan charts between June 4 and 10, 2012.[10] The second volume was ranked 18th on the charts between August 6 and 12, 2012,[11] and the third volume was also ranked 18th between October 8 and 14, 2012.[12] Additionally, the series was ranked 4th out of a total of fifteen comics recommended in Honya Club's Zenkoku Shoten'in ga Eranda Osusume Comic 2013 ranking.[13][14]


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