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"Hail to Old O.S.U." is the song from which the fight song for Oregon State University is based. It was written by Harold A. Wilkins in 1914 and is played mainly at sporting events like football and basketball games. The lyrics have been slightly altered since being written "to conform to a changing culture",[1] changing to conform to new initials (O.A.C. became O.S.C., and later, O.S.U.), and the use of a more gender-neutral version.

The music and lyrics were copyrighted in 1914 and are now public domain.

The original lyrics (including original title, subheading, and punctuation)[edit]

Hail to Old O.A.C.[edit]

A Rooter’s Song[edit]

Words and Music by Harold A. Wilkins, ‘07

Here we come with a toast and song for the college up on the hill,
We love its shady slopes and trees, Its mem’ries cheer and thrill;
But fondest thoughts when the years have run, Will be of teams and vict’ries won, Each man a loyal son, Hail to old O.A.C.

O.A.C., our hats are off to you, Beavers, Beavers, fighters thru and thru,
We’ll cheer for ev’ry man, We’ll root for ev’ry stand, that’s made for old O.A.C.
Watch our team go tearing down the field, Men of iron, their strength will never yield.
Hail! Hail! Hail! Hail! Hail to old O.A.C.

We’ll rout hard for the baseball star who can knock out a long home run,
And cheer the man who kicks the goal, That means the game is won;
But mem’ries best in our Hall of Fame, Are for the man who’s always game, Win, lose, fights just the same, All for old O.A.C.


The Fight Song[edit]

Oregon State's Fight Song is a modified version of "Hail to Old O.S.U." It consists of the chorus, a chant (O-S-U Fight B-E-A-V-E-R-S) backed by drums, and a repeat of the second half of the chorus. No verse is sung. The Oregon State University Alumni Association, owners of all rights to the song, modified the Fight Song lyrics in the 1980s to be gender neutral.[3]

The current arrangement of "Hail to Old OSU" played by the Oregon State University Marching Band consists of the first verse, followed by the modified Fight Song. The second verse is no longer present in any modern arrangement of the song.


O.S.U. our hats are off to you.
Beavers, Beavers, fighters through and through.
We’ll cheer throughout the land,
We’ll root for every stand,
That’s made for old O.S.U. Rah-rah-rah

Watch our team go tearing down the field.
Those of iron, their strength will never yield.
Hail! Hail! Hail! Hail!
Hail to old O.S.U.

O-S-U Fight! B-E-A-V-E-R-S



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