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A male ponytail affixed with a black hair tie
Hair ties in different colors

A hair tie' (or "hair up", hairband, ponytail holder, hair elastic, rubber band, ponytailer, hairbow, bobble or gogo) is a gadget used to fasten hair, particularly long hair, into a hairstyle (usually a ponytail). Two kinds of hair tie are the scrunchie and the hairpin. Hair ties are useful in securing one's hair back to keep it away from the face and to give some style to hair. Different hair bands are made from different materials. Some are mainly made of a stretchy type of cotton; some are made of elastic and rubber. Because they are made of different materials, they will have different durability and elasticity rates.

Another term is a "hair binder" (commonly used in Minnesota). "Hair binder" is commonly used throughout the United States.

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