Haiti national under-17 football team

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Current players[edit]

This is the final 2013 CONCACAF U17 Championship qualifying squad

Name Date of birth Position

L. Louis 09/12/1996 Goalkeeper

P. Michel 10/31/1996 Goalkeeper

R. Destine 03/25/1996 Defender

M. Guillaume 02/19/1996 Defender

J. Alexis 07/04/1996 Defender

C. Joseph 07/02/1996 Defender

R. Similien 05/17/1996 Defender

J. Valentin 02/01/1996 Defender

W. Saint Fleur 01/25/1996 Defender

S. Federic 06/19/1996 Defender

R. Etienne 09/11/1996 Midfielder

J. Derival 03/13/1996 Midfielder

R. Calixte 10/27/1996 Midfielder

R. Jean-Marie 12/19/1996 Midfielder

T. Philippe 03/23/1996 Midfielder

E. Phede 09/24/1996 Midfielder

J. Desire 02/12/1997 Attacker

A. Carlens 06/28/1996 Attacker

E. Clebert 12/15/1996 Attacker

G. Edouard 02/16/1996 Attacker