Haitian Football Federation

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Haitian Football Federation
Association crest
Founded 1904
FIFA affiliation 1933
CONCACAF affiliation 1961[1]
President Yves Jean-Bart
Website www.fhfhaiti.com

The Fédération Haïtienne de Football (FHF) is the governing body of football in Haiti, and is in charge of the Haitian national team. FHF is a member of CONCACAF since 1961 and is in charge of football in Haiti and all lower categories. The principal sporting field is the Sylvio Cator stadium in Port-au-Prince.



2010 earthquake[edit]

The federation, which had struggled financially for years, lost all but two of its more than 30 officials during the 2010 earthquake.[2] Also because of the earthquake, the national stadium's field, as well as many other stadiums, were converted to used as housing for survivors and refugees in makeshift tents.[2][3] Due to the financial and personal losses of the federation, large financial sums were donated by FIFA and globally–high-ranking individuals within the sport, as well as a $3 million fund for rebuilding infrastructure that had been created by FIFA.[2]

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