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The term Hajj (also transliterated as Haj, Hage and Hadj) may refer to:

  • The Hajj, the greater of the two pilgrimages to Mecca in Islam
    • The Umrah, the lesser of the two pilgrimages
  • Al-Hajj, the 22nd Sura (chapter) of the Qur'an
  • Hajj, or el-Hajj, at times also the variant Haji, an honorary title given to an individual who is engaging in Hajj pilgrimage. The honoric title "Hajj" stays with him, even after his return from pilgrimage until his death, quite often as a permanent title and part of his name with friends and public, e.g., a person called Mahmoud or Hassan will usually, after pilgrimage, be addressed to as "Hajj Mahmoud" or "Hajj Hassan" out of respect and tradition, though Hajj will not be part of his legal name. The female equivalent is "Hajja", such that a person called Fatima or Khadija would be honored by being addressed to as "Hajja Fatima" or "Hajja Khadija" upon her return from pilgrimage.


Al/El denotes the definite article sometimes added to the name Hajj/Hage/Hadj and variants to become Al Hajj, El Hajj, Al Hage, El Hage, etc. Sometimes hyphens may be added such as Al-Hajj, El-Hajj, Al-Hage, El-Hage etc.

Note that in transliterations of such names, the Al/El may sometimes be dropped in English or French without loss of authenticity.

Al Hajj/El Hajj
Al Hage/El Hage
  • Hadj Boudella, former detainee at the U.S. Guantanamo Bay detainment camp in Cuba
Al Hadj / El Hadj
  • El Hadj Umar Tall, West African political leader, Islamic scholar, and military commander

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