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Hakam (Arabic: حكم),meaning "The Judge", "The Giver of Justice", "The Arbitrator", is an Islamic masculine Arabic given name.

One of the Ninety-Nine Excellent name of Allah.

Al-Hakam (Names of Allah) (الحكم (أسماء الله الحسنى[edit]

One Of The Ninety-Nine Excellent Names Of Allah. (Al-Hakam # 28)

In Islamic belief "Al-Hakam" is the One who always delivers justice, in every situation, to everyone. Nothing happens in creation except by His authority and decree. Al-Hakam never wrongs anyone and is never oppressive. He is the only true Judge; no one can overturn His judgment and no one can ever appeal His decree. Hakam comes from the root Haa - kaaf- meem ح ک م which refers to the attribute of judging, being wise, passing a verdict, and preventing or restraining people from wrongdoing.