Hakuchi Adyghe dialect

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ХьакIуцубзэ Kh′ak′ucubză, Къaрaцхaибзэ Qaracxaibză
Native to Turkey
Native speakers
(no estimate available)
Language codes
ISO 639-3
Glottolog xaku1238[1]

Hakuchi (Xakuchi; ХьакIуцубзэ Kh′ak′ucubză or Къaрaцхaибзэ Qaracxaibză in Hakuchi Adyghe) is a subdialect of the Shapsugh dialect of Adyghe spoken in Turkey.

The dialect is phonologically peculiar when compared to the other Adyghe dialects. Its lexicon and consonantal system are substantially affected by the Ubykh language, the first language of many Hakuchi speakers before its death. Hakuchi Adyghe is one of the most divergent dialects from the literary dialect of Adyghe.


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