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Hakuyō Fuchikami (淵上 白陽 Fuchikami Hakuyō?) (November 14, 1889 - February 8, 1960) was one of the most prominent Japanese photographers in the first half of the 20th century.


Fuchikami was born in Kumamoto Prefecture and studied in Saga and Nagasaki.

In 1922 Fuchikami organized Nihon Kōga Geijutsu Kyōkai (Japan Photographic Art Association, 日本光画芸術協会) and published the first issue of the photography magazine Hakuyō (白陽) and continued the publication of this magazine until 1926.

In 1928 he moved to Manchuria and was temporarily employed by the South Manchuria Railway Company (南満洲鉄道, 満鉄) and in 1933 became a chief editor of the photography magazine Manshū Gurafu (満洲グラフ, "Pictorial Manchuria").

In 1932, with other photographers in Manchuria, he organized Manshū Shashin Sakka Kyōkai (満洲写真作家協会, Manchuria Photographic Artists Association) and published Hikaruoka (光る丘, "Shining Hills") as its journal.

His works, based mainly on pictorial photography (pictorialism), extended further to avant-garde expressions influenced by cubism like the works of František Drtikol and futurism, and straight photography especially during his time in Manchuria.

In 1941 he returned to Japan, and continued photography until his death.


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