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Hal Rockland

Hal Rockland (born February 11, 1975 in Darmstadt, (then, West) Germany) is a former pornographic film actor who appeared primarily in gay pornographic films .[1]

Rockland was the third of the Rockland brothers triptych but second of the siblings to join the gay pornographic industry, following in the footsteps of his older brother Vince Rockland. The eldest brother, Shane Rockland, joined the industry later. All three appeared together in the gay porn film Three Brothers (New Age Pictures, 1998).

He was the winner of the 1994 Gay Erotic Video Awards Best Newcomer and winner of the 1995 Grabby Awards Best Newcomer for his role in Flashpoint.[2][3]

Selected videography[edit]

  • By Invitation Only, Falcon Studios Video Pac 94, 1994
  • Flashpoint: Hot as Hell Falcon Studios Video Pac 95, 1994
  • The Backroom Falcon Studios Video Pac 96, 1995
  • The Renegade Falcon Studios Video Pac 101, 1995
  • Saddle Tramps, Mustang Studios Video Pac 34, 1995
  • Three Brothers, New Age Pictures, 1998

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