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Halcones de Xalapa
Leagues Mexican League
Founded 2003
History Halcones UV Xalapa (2003-2013)
Arena Gimnasio USBI
Location Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico
Team colors Grey, White, Green and Blue
President Juan Manuel González[disambiguation needed]
Head coach Lee Andrew Stoglin
Ownership Universidad Veracruzana
  • LNBP 4 (2005, 2007-2008, 2008-2009, 2009-2010)
    *FIBA Americas League 0
Website halcones.com
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Home jersey
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Team colours
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Away jersey
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Team colours

Halcones UV Xalapa is a basketball club based in Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico that plays in the Liga Nacional de Baloncesto Profesional (LNBP). Their home games are played at Gimnasio Universitario de la Unidad Deportiva.

Former Michigan star and NBA player, Robert "Tractor" Traylor, played for Halcones UV Xalapa 3 months before his death in May, 2011.


The Hawks team campus of the Universidad Veracruzana Xalapa came in 2003 at the initiative of Victor Arredondo Alvarez, president of the UV, and a group of businessmen led by Antonio Chedrahui Xalapeños, Arturo Aguayo, Rodrigo Campos, Carlos Bargueño, Alfredo Hakim, Hakim Mikhail and Sergio Obeeso. They, along with Juan Manuel González Flores, owner of a franchise attached to the Professional Basketball League of Mexico (LNBP), decided to bring this city a professional basketball team that was sheltered from the Universidad Veracruzana. The formal activities began on July 2 of that year to comply with each of the requirements of the League and with the aim of creating conditions for the start of the season on July 29. For the first season was agreed to integrate the computer with the original roster of ancient Indian franchise of the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez, made up of players: Ramon Rodriguez, Jose Escobedo, Enrique Gonzalez, Octavio Robles, Hector Martinez, Jaime Alejandro Ramirez and Alfredo Ramirez. Foreigners were invited Andre Laws, Dana White and Lataryl Williams. The coach appointed to command the quintet was Angel Gonzalez. In the search for growth of youth sports Veracruz, the set of UV Hawks opened their doors to talented native of Xalapa to provide an opportunity for local players such as Oswaldo Fierro, Canek Camacho and Armando Barrera. Also, before you have defined foreign players tried their luck in Xalapa hurt Mike Thompson, Ozzie Green, Don Harrison, Felix Rivera, Robby Boyd Joiner. Seasons


The Falcons UV emerged to promote sport in the city of Xalapa and be a great show for all the people of Veracruz. This was achieved in one year of operation, as the match attendance increased as we advanced to the playoffs and end of the season was welcomed the creation of school boys basketball. In regard to team performance in 2003, ranked sixth in the postseason standings and was maintained until the semifinals, which was defeated by Panteras de Aguascalientes (who were crowned champions of the League). With these results, the UV team won third place in the LNBP. The highlight of the season was that, in addition to achieving a good place, took his unbeaten 18-game win at Fuerza Regia de Monterrey, which turned all eyes on them. UV Hawk was the second best team in home games after winning 20 games of 24 played and took ninth place on the road. With respect to corporate support for the team was very positive, since major brands like Chedrahui Group, Grupo ADO, Hotel Mision Xalapa, Comex, Hakim Spa, RTV, Coca-Cola and Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma Brewery joined the new project of the Universidad Veracruzana without knowing the success that the community would Xalapa and even most of the state.


For 2004 UV Falcons came with renewed energy and eager to get the championship, so the coach, Angel Gonzalez, made adjustments to the roster of the team to strengthen and face a new season. That's why there is a shift of the players Lataryl Williams, Jaime Ramirez, Alfredo Ramirez, Hector Martinez and Octavio Robles, for the national team Victor Avila, Samuel Bowie, Francisco Morales, Milton Mattus and Roberto Gonzalez. Regarding the local players are given the opportunity to Joseph Levit Amaya, Luis Hector Villareal, Nestor Hernandez and Bernardo Andrade, who got his job thanks to a significant number of minutes on the court with quality equipment. 2004 was an important year for the Falcons managed to UV due to an impressive record in games, winning 36 games of 40 and thus the only unbeaten home team with 20 games during the regular season. With these results are placed in the top of the standings, first at home and first as visitor sites that held until the end of the regular season. With the results obtained so far UV Hawks became a finalist in area, disputing parties to Coras playoff Tepic, Red Wave Lechugueros City and Leon, the latter having seized the championship of the Southern Zone to fight finally the national championship against the leader of the Northern Zone, Santos Reales de San Luis Potosí. Unfortunately for our lost in the second overtime of Game Six by just one point, which was obtained from the LNBP runner. However, 2004 brought much satisfaction. An example is that thanks to the outstanding participation of UV Hawks in the regular season Andre Laws and Sam Bowie were invited to participate in foreign banking in the All-Star. Meanwhile, the Mexican uniform was worn by Victor Avila, Jose Escobedo and Enrique "Palmita" Gonzalez, who were led by Angel Gonzalez. Just was the coach of our team who led the Mexican quintet to victory. During the All-Star representatives of the National Professional Basketball League gave recognition to Enrique Gonzalez for his playing career, bringing even more proud of the fans Xalapa. You can not ignore that in 2004 the Hawks team had the important UV participation of the official mascot of the LNBP, El Chango. When integrated in the second half of the season had the difficult task of encouraging the public to Xalapa. It was so successful, that beyond use their experience in the Mexican basketball animation to lift the fans, became the sixth man of the team.


In January 2005, thanks to the victories obtained by the Hawks at the Universidad Veracruzana in 2004, received Xallapan Cup, awarded to the best sports native of Xalapa and who first went to the discipline of basketball. Also, the University of Veracruz and Veracruz state government united efforts to open a new square at the Port of Veracruz, which is managed to have two professional teams in the state: Hawks Club Hawks Club UV UV Xalapa Veracruz. 2005 was a year of change for the team of Xalapa, then Hawks introduced a revamped roster almost entirely to form the rival team would beat the league playoffs for 2005. Hawks managed to put in the first position and led the Southern Zone while overall league table by winning 32 games of 40, because that had the best offense in the tournament. This served to make the playoffs with the best rates and start with the advantage of home games. The playoffs were eagerly awaited season, the Gym looked crowded during development and the greatest desire of the fans was that our team were in the end zone with his "brother," Hawks UV Veracruz. This was not possible because the lettuce were removed by de Leon, who for the second time they met face to face in the end zone against the Falcons UV Xalapa but this time did not accommodate the feathered defeating rival in 4 games, making it two-time Southern Zone and the pass to contest the national final to be played against Wolves at the Autonomous University of Coahuila. Time to play the final and Falcons lost a home game, so we had to win their next land clashes in Coahuila to beat Wolves in the fifth game. With this result was crowned LNBP NATIONAL CHAMPION 2005. It was a great surprise to see fans packed the champion set the city center waiting to see the team that gave them much satisfaction. It was an unforgettable experience for Xalapa Hawks players and each one of those people who were supporting them during games of the 2005 season. An experience that we hope will happen again this year 2006, because our team is champion thanks to the great love of Veracruz.


The 2006 season marked a new pair the Falcons flight UV Xalapa, the goal this year was to get the LNBP bicampeonato. As always been said a great team is made up of the best, that is why Hawks opened its doors to two extraordinary players Ramses Benitez and Karim Malpica, two Mexicans selected high quality, likewise by the absence of Cleotis Brown, this year marks the awaited return of Andre Laws, who played for the feathered in 2003 and 2004 from being an idol for the fans Jalapa. Not only the players' body was reinforced so did the coaching staff, welcoming Wong coach Fernando Gonzalez assistant coach and Jesus Tejeda trainer team, likewise in the first weeks of the season was supported by Chuck Hawks Skarshaug, as the head coach met with commitments within the Mexican. This year despite all the circumstances that marked the best year to be the feathered not, Hawks had a run in which the injury did not stop harassing the team so that changes in players was impossible to stop the awful fall Willy injury Pagan many substitutes were sought enfilándose the Falcons Durelle Brown, Timothy Pledger, Charles Hurt, Marc Brown and Nate Johnson. Also there were other players sprinkled through this rough patch as Enrique Gonzalez, Victor Avila, Sam Bowie, Ramses Benitez, Karim Malpica, Omar Lopez and despite major injuries unless they were kept away from the court. Even with these team heads down, Hawks manages to take the same time and with significant results in the regular season and the Independence Cup, which were alternating in the Independence Cup tournament feature to reach the final after defeating teams Buccaneers, Mayas, Pioneers and Warriors to meet in the final against the leader so far in the league, the Gray Wolves of the UAD, where basketball fans could vibrate in two highly stressful meetings, Hawks lose the Cup for 1 point, a very painful loss, impose record of 9 wins Game 1 loss, still manage to keep the feathered a significant pace of play in the league. In regard to the Hawks regular season is in first place in the southern and second in the overall standings with 30 games won and 6 lost. Hawks again in the playoffs this and is the team to beat for the rest of the quintetas. Xalapa highlights from the first games against Bucs series is 3-1, the next to fall into the clutches was Panthers who was won in 3 games later the end zone again before Lechugueros played for the third occasion snatched the victory leaving the series 4-1 with this three-time champions are crowned the feathered Zone. Likewise for the third time Halcones UV Xalapa reaches the final of the LNBP, which seeks consolidarel bicampeonato, the team to beat, Soles de Mexicali, northern champion and overall leader. The final was decided in 7 exciting games, unfortunately for our victory favored Mexicali, taking that conformase Hawks for second place. But the feathered continue to grow and although there was the 2006 title, is always in the top.


The Falcons UV Xalapa, played the final of the LNBP for the fourth consecutive time, and this time managed to be crowned national champions by defeating the Soles de Mexicali in a tight end with the championship and to also become the first team in the LNBP, getting two titles in the history of this circuit, making also the fourth championship of the Southern Zone in this season.


This was a period full of victories for Falcons UV Xalapa because consolidócomo broke records and the best team in the league to get their third national title and the LNBP coronarsebicampeón. Like every season, the team renewed its ranks yfue and again joined the coach Angel Gonzalez to support the coach Andy Stoglin in the direction of the team. There were also new hires who gave the feathered much higher level: Lorenzo Mata, Ray Castillo, David Meza, James Aguirre, Jesus Gonzalez, Leroy Hickerson, Abdul Mills, Joshua Reisman and as a junior Adrian Gonzalez. Hawks started the season with big wins, imposed new record by winning 25 games in a row, just as the home team did not lose to a single meeting in the regular season. To close regularel team ended the season as the best in the overall standings by winning 46 of 48 matches, won first place as a quintet offensive and defensive yprimero seventh home and away. These results gained his pass again into the playoffs. It is noteworthy that before the end of the regular season, Hawks alternated tournament matches of FIBA Americas, an organization for the second year was the invitation to the quintet LNBP champion of 2007-08. Xalapa managed to get the seat of the first round and was part of group D, which involved teams Soles de Mexicali, Coopenae Liceo de Costa Rica and Quimsa of Argentina, who overcame them and thus become the group leader for get your pass to the Final Four. For this undertaking the feathered were reinforced with Omar Lopez and Dontae Truitt, who support the team in the finals of the LNBP. For the grand finale brought together the top four teams in Latin America: Bigua of Uruguay, Brazil Universe, Minas Tennis in Brazil and of course the Hawks UV Xalapa, who served as hosts. The tournament began on February 6 for three days and the fans were treated to the best basketball. Each of the clashes were strong and showed the best of each team, but sets UV Xalapa and Universe Hawks reached the third meeting to mark clean, so that their grief became the final title of the Americas . After four exhausting periods, the mail was finally decided in favor of Brazil Universe 83-86, so Hawks became runner-up of the League of the Americas. Already in the LNBP playoffs, Falcons UV Xalapase presented as a heavy favorite. In the first quarter-final round, which was interrupted by the final tournament of FIBA Americas, was a rival to Lechugueros Leon. The series began for us, but the opponents took advantage of the wear feathered and brought the series to five games, of which only managed to win two. The semifinal area lived to Panteras de Aguascalientes. Five games were intense in the rival fought until the last minute, but the rapid pace of Xalapa beat him at home with a series 4-1. Xalapa was already in the end zone for the second time the brothers played with the Falcons UV Cordoba, who fell in the fifth game at home and finished the series 4-1. Thus Xalapa was crowned as champion for the fifth time in the Southern Zone. On March 9 began the great feast of the LNBP. The champion and the league subcampeónde faces were again to repeat the final for the third ocasión.Halcones UV Xalapa vs Soles de Mexicali played six tough games, in which both teams fought to dispel. Hawks took the lead in the series to 4-2 and finally closing crowned before their fans on March 18, 2009 as champion of the LNBP, getting two titles in a row. The celebration was immediate and their fans on March 20 esperóal champions with cheers in the streets of downtown and the Plaza Lerdo. The ceremony ended with a beautiful team photo and trophy to remain in the memory of the fans Xalapa. The winning team consisted of: Lorenzo Mata, Mike Johnson, David Meza, Adrian Gonzalez, Victor Mariscal, Jesus Gonzalez, Luis Pulido, Gustavo Ayon, James Aguirre, Dontae Truitt, Abdul Mills, Victor Avila and Ray Castillo. All directed by Andy Stoglin, Adolfo Sanchez, Angel Gonzalez and Jesus Tejeda assisted by Amadeo and Calderon. Thanks to the victories obtained, UV Xalapase Hawks reaffirmed as the best team in the LNBP by adding three national championships, five area championships, a tournament area in the Independence Cup, two national runner-up finishes and one second place in the Cup of the Americas.


UV Xalapa Hawks again managed to occupy the top of the sport burst and became three-time national, to get his fourth star in the short existence of equipo.El 2009-10 was a period that featured a new team almost entirely because joined a new coach: Argentina's Nestor Garcia and players: Orlando Mendez, Adrian Zamora, Adam Parada, Rommel Marentez, Noe Alonzo, Leandro Garcia and Jeremis Smith.

The team began with a feathered overwhelming passage in the circuit and had a constant battle with the Reds equipoHalcones Veracruz at the top of the standings. In the end, the home achieved a 32-8 mark and closed by difference of points in second place.

For the rest of his numbers, Falcons UV Xalapa was the fifth team offensive and first defensive. As a visitor was the best to get a mark of 19-1 and the third as a visitor with a record of 13-7.

With these data, UV Xalapa Hawks once again became the main rival to beat in the playoffs and even more so for teams seeking to overthrow it and finish the stage campeón.Antes regular Professional Basketball League, hosted Halcones UV Xalapa the square C of FIBA Americas, which marked his third appearance in the tournament.

The fair began on January 13, 2010 and the teams were faced Xalapa: Malvin Uruguay, Brazil Joinville and Sanitary Works of Argentina. For this tournament, Hawks was reinforced by the Dominican player Jack Michael Martinez.

Hawks UV Xalapa was the only Mexican team that qualified for the Final Four, held in the city of Mar del Plata, Argentina. For this reason the feathered quintet interrupted the start of the second round of playoffs, but not before defeating the Guanajuato Bees 3-0.

The four Final Four participants were: UV Xalapa Hawks, the local Peñarol Mar del Plata, Argentina, Quimsa of Santiago del Estero, Argentina and Spartans Margarita Island, Venezuela.

The feathered fell in his first game against Quimsa, which complicated the situation for us, because the last game was played at the premises as a final and Xalapa is needed to get the win as a party extremely competitive Peñarol.Fue that kept everyone on the edge of their seats, unfortunately for our victory was for the locals to win 93-91. At the end of the tournament Hawks won the third place medal. Without dropping the spirit, the UV Xalapa Hawks returned home to continue with the commitments of the LNBP. In the quarterfinal stage Lobos faced the UAD and became a complicated series, since wolves and he clung to the feathered great battle, but the champions got the 3-2 win.

The start of the semifinals was very hard for the Hawks to be at a disadvantage, at home after losing the first two games against Pioneer of Cancun. The team moved to the Mexican Caribbean is where he also changed his course to redesign strategies to reverse the damage.

One change needed was to coach, so Gonzalez was appointed to take the leadership team. With your income, UV Hawks won two victories on the road to return home series and force a seventh game Cancun. With the victory was achieved what some thought impossible: your ticket to the final, and no team in the history of the National League had managed to recover from a disadvantaged series 3-1.

That was how the team reached its sixth feathered end and for the first time faced the Red Hawks in a series of rivalry and competition from five games, where the feathered Xalapa received his fourth star and became champion 2009-10.

Due to weather conditions, the conclusion of the championship to the fans was held in the University Gymnasium, where fans could be photographed for the last time the four-time champion team, consisting of: Rommel Marentez, Lorenzo Mata, David Meza, Adrian Gonzalez, Victor Mariscal, Leandro Garcia, Gerald Brown, Orlando Mendez, Adrian Zamora, Noe Alonzo, Victor Avila, Ray Castillo, Joe Shipp and Adam Parada. The coaching staff consisted of: Angel Gonzalez, Adolfo Sanchez, Robert Zaragoza, Jesus Tejeda, Santiago Calderon Alfaro and Amadeo.


This year the Falcons were again protagonists UV Xalapa in the FIBA Americas LNBP and, although the objectives to be champion not fulfilled their role was remarkable. Hawks renewed their ranks, leading the quintet Spanish coach, Ivan Déniz O'Donnell, foreign players: Martin Osimani and Louis Roe, Justin Griffin also joined the team back and Santiago Aguirre. During the course of the season were made several changes to the roster and was also reinforced in the FIBA Americas tournament. During the course of the regular season feathered team remained atop the standings fighting the first places to finish in third place ranking with a score of 26-10. With regard to the Falcons offense was located at the sixth position in defense was located in the tenth, and local earned seventh place with 13-5 mark and away the third with 13-5 mark. Hawks UV Xalapa was the team to beat for the championship crown bear 2009-10 and with this result their participation in FIBA Americas gave the host of the group C, held from 13 to 15 December 2010 involving teams: Brazil Universe, Defensor Sporting of Uruguay and the Dominican Republic Cañeros, Hawks dominated group and got the pass to the Final Four to be held in March, for this first round was reinforced Hawks players Jovan Harris, Robert Traylor and Hector Hernandez. Upon completion of this round Hawks ranked first group thus obtained the right to participate in the Final Four, based won the Universidad Veracruzana. This great tournament was held from 3 to 5 March 2011 so it could end Hawks in the playoffs LNBP uninterrupted. Within the LNBP, things changed for UV Xalapa Falcons before finishing the regular season, the derecognition of coach Ivan Déniz and be left to coach Gonzalez who they get to the playoffs to face in the second round the Soles de Mexicali, despite series of markers was not as easy for the home because of the rivalry, however the advantage of starting at home was important to win the series 3-0. Later UV Xalapa again faced the Falcons Rojos de Veracruz, this time in the quarterfinals, but the level and intensity of the series is marked like a grand finale, UV Xalapa Hawks triumphed in 5 games, 4 - 1 and again left out to his countrymen. For the semifinals Hawks Bulls run into Nuevo Laredo. In a series of very fierce, the feathered succumbed and gave way to a new champion of the LNBP, falling 4-1 in the series. Unfortunately for our way to the championship was cuartado LNBP, but still remained in the Final Four door so hard the feathered were prepared and did a renovation on their roster, the quintet took on the teams: Hawks Reds Veracruz, Regatas Corrientes in Argentina and Captains of Arecibo, Puerto Rico. Within this international fair, the Falcons had a difficult start UV in the Final Four before falling by a score 72-81 Regatas Corrientes, putting things to the feathered, unfortunately though it was their second game of great intensity, the host team, fell to Puerto Rico Captains by a score 75-67, which left him out of the championship. The feathered fought for third place against the Falcons Rojos de Veracruz getting the win. Although the mood was not expected, the fans support their team Xalapa to the end and is now preparing for another season. The final team consisted of the LNBP: Jovan Harris, Victor Mariscal, Leandro Garcia, Luis Pulido, Lorenzo Mata, Orlando Mendez, Justin Griffin, Adrian Zamora, Carlos Toussaint, Cedric McGowan, Adam Parada and Robert Traylor (the latter unfortunately May, died of a heart attack). The final team in FIBA Americas settle by: David Meza, Christopher Hernandez, Victor Mariscal, Leandro Garcia, Hector Hernandez, Lorenzo Mata, Louis Roe, Orlando Mendez, Justin Griffin, Michael Smith and Adam Parada. Coaches: Angel Gonzalez, Adolfo Sanchez, Luis Herrera, Coaches: James Alfaro, Jesus Tejeda and Amadeo Medical Calderon.


After a relapse in the 2013 season, the head coach made a contract with the former Mexican MVP Victor Rodriguez. The contract consisted in playing two years with the Falcons, however Victor stated: "I won't be accepting any money from the team, I just want to keep studying and keep playing for my own good". Andrew said that Victor with his young age and experience will lead with no problems the Falcons to a fifth championship.


Number Name Position University Age
1 Jesus Coronado SG Universidad Panamericana 25
2 Kris Richards SG Tulane University 22
3 Davin White SG/PG California State University, Northridge 31
10 Victor Mariscal SF Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí 39
11 Christopher Hernandez /PG Stanford University 36
12 Hector Hernandez PF California State University, Fresno 26
13 Gerald Brown Jr. SG/PG Universidad del Valle de México 36
14 Lorenzo Mata PG/C University of California, Los Angeles 25
20 Orlando Mendez SG/PG Western Kentucky University 25
22 Quentin Lattimore PF McNeese State University 26
27 Victor Rodriguez[disambiguation needed] PG Universidad de las Américas Puebla 18
30 Adrian Joseph SF/PF University of Virginia 27
55 Adam Parada C University of California, Irvine 30

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