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Haldex AB
Public company - AB (OMXHLDX)
Industry Commercial Vehicle industry
Headquarters Stockholm, Sweden
Number of locations
23 production locations, inc:
Sweden, Germany, Hungary, United Kingdom, USA, Mexico, India, China (2008)[1][2]
Area served
Key people
[3] Joakim Olsson President and CEO,
Ulf Ahlén Head of Traction Systems Division, Executive Vice President,
Jay Longbottom Division manager Commercial Vehicle Systems,
Ian Dugan Division manager Hydraulic Systems
Products Brake components,
hydraulic components,
4WD limited slip couplings
Revenue Increase SEK 8,403 m (2008)[1]
Decrease SEK 250 m (2008)[1]
Profit Decrease SEK 43 m (2008)[1]
Total assets SEK 6,290  m (2008)[1]
Total equity SEK 1,823  m (2008)[1]
Number of employees
Increase 4,700 (2008)[1]
Divisions Commercial Vehicle Systems: Haldex Brake Products Corp.,
Garphyttan Wire: Haldex Garphyttan AB,
Hydraulic Systems: Haldex Hydraulics Corp.,
Traction Systems: Haldex Traction AB
Website Haldex.com

Haldex AB (originally Halda Fickurfabrik AB, then AB Halda Fabriker, and later Fabriks AB[4]), also known as Haldex Group, is a Swedish public company operating in the commercial vehicle industry. It is listed on the OMX Stockholm Stock Exchange (Mid Cap), and has an annual turnover of around 8,5 bn SEK.

Concentrating core activities in vehicle dynamics, the environment and safety, Haldex business operations are split into three divisions: Commercial Vehicle Systems, Hydraulic Systems, and its smallest division - Traction Systems - which is also known as Haldex Traction, and produces limited slip couplings for "on-demand" four-wheel drive systems.

Products are primarily brake systems, technology for diesel engines, i.e. pumps and technology for reducing emissions of exhaust gases from engines, hydraulic systems and all-wheel-drive systems for passenger cars.


Haldex started out in 1887 by building clocks, typing machines, and taximeters.[5]


Haldex operates in the commercial vehicle sector; specifically heavy trucks, trailers, and buses.

Haldex Production plants[edit]

The Haldex Landskrona plant

Haldex has production plants in the following countries:[6]

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