Battle of Khalkhyn Temple

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Battle of Khalkhyn Temple
Part of Soviet-Japanese border conflicts
Date 8 January 1935
Location Khalkhyn Temple, northeast of Buir Lake in present-day Inner Mongolia
Result Mongolian Victory
Mongolia Mongolia  Empire of Japan

The Battle of Khalkhyn Temple (Mongolian: Халхын сүмийн мөргөлдөөн/Khalkhyn sümiin mörgöldöön; Chinese: Halhamiao Incident, 哈爾哈廟事件; Japanese ハルハ廟事件 Haruhabyō-jiken) of 1935 was one of the border conflicts between the Soviet Union, Mongolia and Japan which occurred from 1932 to 1939. The incident took place on the border of Manchukuo and Mongolia near the Buddhist temple of Khalkhyn (Temple of Khalkha), located northeast of Buir Lake in present-day Inner Mongolia, China. Scores of the cavalry of the Mongolian People's Army engaged with patrol units of the Manchukuo Imperial Army and Japanese soldiers.[1]


This incident created great tension between Mongolia and Japan, with the death of a high ranked Japanese officer. This incident was the first of many Mongolian/Soviet-Japanese border conflicts.


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