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Hallam Line

West Yorkshire
South Yorkshire

Yorkshire and the Humber
Owner Network Rail
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) standard gauge
Hallam Line
Leeds Hunslet Lane
Pontefract Line
Wakefield Europort
Altofts and Whitwood
Pontefract Line
Wakefield Kirkgate
Huddersfield Line
& Pontefract Line
Wakefield Line
UK-Motorway-M1.svg motorway
Huddersfield Line
Horbury Junction
UK-Motorway-M1.svg motorway
Penistone Line
UK-Motorway-M1.svg motorway
Ecclesfield West
Meadowhall Supertram (Sheffield)
Wakefield Line &
Dearne Valley Line
Attercliffe Road
Sheffield Supertram (Sheffield)

The Hallam Line is the name given to rail services operated by Northern Rail, in the West Yorkshire Metro/ Travel South Yorkshire area of northern England which connect Leeds and Sheffield via Barnsley. It is the slower of the two routes between Leeds and Sheffield, with faster services provided on the Wakefield Line, although it does have a quicker limited-stop service. Services from Leeds to Nottingham also use the line.

West Yorkshire MetroCards are available on trains between Leeds and Darton, north of Barnsley and South Yorkshire Travelmaster tickets are available in the South Yorkshire area.

Origin of name[edit]

The line is named after the manor of Hallam which included Sheffield at the time of the Domesday Book (1086). At this time the local area was known as Hallamshire—the names Hallam and Hallamshire are still used today by many local companies and organisations.


Before the 1923 Grouping the route followed by the line was owned as follows:

(alternate route since 1988)

After 1921 the entire route, except Methley to Normanton via Castleford, and the short stretch from Barnsley (Jumble Lane) to Quarry Junction, became part of the London, Midland and Scottish Railway until 1948 when the network was nationalised. Midland Railway trains made use of Barnsley Court House station and so avoided any contact with Great Central / L.N.E.R. metals. (Note: The route that exists today was not possible until 1960 when B.R. added a connection at Barnsley (Quarry Junction) to allow trains to use Exchange station and reach the Midland Line to Sheffield).

Route details[edit]

Railway lines in Leeds in 1913
Railway lines through Methley, Castleford, Normanton, Wakefield in 1912
Railway lines through Barnsley in 1912
Railway lines in Sheffield in 1912

Trains on the line serve the following places; some stations may no longer be open:

Stations from here to Sheffield are also on the Penistone Line:

  • Swaithe Viaduct - carries the line over the Worsborough Branch of the Great Central.
  • Wombwell
  • Elsecar was Elsecar & Hoyland
  • Wentworth - also known as Wentworth & Hoyland Common and Wentworth & Tankersley. (Closed)
  • Chapeltown: formerly Chapeltown South to distinguish from Chapeltown Central on the former South Yorkshire Railway, later G.C.R. line. Chapeltown station was rebuilt nearer to the town centre roundabout in the 1970s as the first railway project of the, then, new South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Authority. Much of the original remains.

From here the two railways - MidR and GCR had parallel lines to Sheffield. The latter line is closed and lifted.

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