Hallig Habel

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Halligen Gröde (left) and Habel (center) on a satellite image
Coordinates 54°38′N 8°46′E / 54.633°N 8.767°E / 54.633; 8.767Coordinates: 54°38′N 8°46′E / 54.633°N 8.767°E / 54.633; 8.767
Archipelago North Frisian Islands
Area 0.074 km2 (0.029 sq mi)
Length 655 m (2,149 ft)
Width 100 m (300 ft)
State  Schleswig-Holstein
District Nordfriesland
Municipality Gröde
Additional information

Hallig Habel (Danish: Habel, North Frisian: Haabel) is the smallest Hallig in the German Wadden Sea, and is a bird sanctuary. It is administered by the Gröde municipality on the neighbouring island. The surface area of Habel measures 7.4 hectacres[1] with about 655 metres in length, and 100 metres width.

On this island there is an artificial dwelling hill called Norderwarft with a house that hosts an ornithological observatory during the summertime.[1] A second hill on the southern shore, Süderwarft, was abandoned in the 19th century and was then destroyed by the sea.

Habel is located in Protection Area 1 of the Schleswig Holstein Wadden Sea National Park. The common public must therefore not enter the island.[2] The island is owned by the state of Schleswig-Holstein and is leased by Verein Jordsand, a non-profit association for environmental protection with its seat in Ahrensburg.[1] Habel serves as breeding and resting grounds for many species of marine birds like the Brant Goose[2] and the Arctic Tern.


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