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Haliwell or Holywell Priory (various spellings) was a religious house in Shoreditch, formerly in Middlesex, and now in the London Borough of Hackney. The Victoria County History for Middlesex describes it as the priory of St. John the Baptist at Haliwell, a house of Augustinian canonesses.[1]

Also known as Halliwell, or Halywell,[2] it was refounded by Thomas Lovell in the sixteenth century, who was buried there.[3] It stood in Holywell Lane on the west side of Shoreditch, and sometimes was said to be a Benedictine foundation and attributed to a Bishop of London.[4] It was in fact set up by Robert Fitz Generan in the twelfth century.[1]

The details for Holywell Priory in the dissolution of the monasteries are not well documented, but by 1539 its possessions were being removed and the prioress was pensioned off.[1]


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