Halls Corners, Indiana

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Halls Corners, Indiana is an unincorporated community in Allen County, Indiana.

Google Earth places Halls Corners at the intersection of Hurshtown Road and Georgetown Road (Indiana State Road 37) 41°14′27″N 84°51′08″W / 41.24083°N 84.85222°W / 41.24083; -84.85222. There are no buildings at this location, nor any evidence that buildings formerly existed at this location. Printed maps released shortly after World War II placed Halls Corners at the intersection of Indiana State Road 101 and Georgetown Road, approximately one mile southeast of the Google Earth location 41°13′54″N 84°51′56″W / 41.23167°N 84.86556°W / 41.23167; -84.86556. Google Earth refers to this location as Georgetown.

The town is believed to have been founded by N B Hall and family. Little is known about them.[1] The town was known to have a grocery/ general store and a post office as late as 1882. Today nothing remains of the town as it was flattened by a tornado in the summer of 1929.


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