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Halperin is a variation of the Jewish surname Heilprin. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Bertrand Halperin, Harvard University professor
  • David A. Halperin (born 1934), American psychiatrist and expert on cults
  • David M. Halperin (born 1952), American theorist in gender studies, queer theory and other fields
  • Emanuel Halperin, (born 1943), Israeli media personality
  • Ian Halperin, Canadian biographer
  • Israel Halperin, professor at University of Toronto, Canada
  • Isser Harel (born Halperin) (1912–2003), spymaster of the intelligence and the security services of Israel
  • James L. Halperin (born 1952), American author and businessman
  • Mark Halperin (born 1965), American political analyst for Time Magazine and Time.com and ABC News
  • Maurice Halperin (1906–95), American writer, professor and diplomat
  • Morton Halperin (born 1938), American expert on foreign policy and civil liberties
  • Nora Gal (full name Eleonora Yakovlevna Galperina) (1912–91), Ukrainian writer and translator
  • Robert Halperin (1928–85), American Olympic and Pan American Games yachting medalist, college and professional football player, one of Chicago's most-decorated World War II heroes, and Chairman of Commercial Light Co.
  • Sol Halperin (1902-1977), American special effects artist
  • Uzzi Ornan (born Uzzi'el Halperin; 1923), Israeli linguist
  • Victor Halperin (1895–1983), American film director, producer, and writer
  • Yonatan Ratosh (born Uriel Halperin; 1908–81), Israeli poet, leader of the Canaanite movement
  • Yotam Halperin (born 1984), Israeli basketball player

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