Hamaderakōen Station

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Hamaderakōen Station
Hamaderakoen Station1.jpg
Prefecture Osaka
(See other stations in Osaka)
City Sakai
Ward Nishi
Neighborhood etc. 188, Hamaderakōen-cho 2-cho
Coordinates 34°32′27″N 135°26′40″E / 34.540925°N 135.444411°E / 34.540925; 135.444411Coordinates: 34°32′27″N 135°26′40″E / 34.540925°N 135.444411°E / 34.540925; 135.444411
Postal code 592-8346
(in Japanese) 堺市西区浜寺公園町二丁188番地
Year opened 1897
Former name Hamadera Station
Present name since 1907
Rail services
Station number(s) NK15
Operator(s) Nankai Electric Railway
Line(s) Nankai Main Line
Statistics 4,716 passengers/day 2004
There are no bus services at this station

Hamaderakōen Station (浜寺公園駅 Hamaderakōen-eki?, station number: NK15) is a train station in Nishi-ku, Sakai, Japan, on the Nankai Electric Railway Nankai Main Line. The station building was built by Kingo Tatsuno's office in 1907.

Connecting line from this station[edit]

  • Hankai Tramway Hankai Line (HN31: Hamadera-ekimae Station, for Abikomichi, Ebisucho and Tennoji-ekimae) - 150 m west from Hamaderakoen Station


Hamaderakoen Station layout


4 3 2 1


  • The station has an island platform for Wakayamashi and Kansai Airport serving 2 tracks, and a side platform for Namba serving 2 tracks which Track 4 was used for the trains returning at this station to Namba.
1, 2 Nankai Line for Wakayamashi and (Airport Line) Kansai Airport
3 Nankai Line for Namba (south of the side platform, usually used)
4 Nankai Line for Namba (norh of the side platform, used in the rush hours)


  • Hamadera Park
  • Fukueido
  • Hamadera Central Hospital

Adjacent stations[edit]

« Service »
Nankai Main Line (NK15)
Suwanomori (NK14)   Local (普通車)   Hagoromo (NK16)
Suwanomori (NK14)   Semi-Express (only running for Namba on weekday mornings)   Hagoromo (NK16)
Sub. Express: no stop
Airport Express: no stop
Express: no stop
Limited Express "Rapi:t α" (only running for Kanasi Airport on weekdays): no stop
Limited Express "Rapi:t β": no stop
Limited Express "Southern": no stop

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