Hamborger Veermaster

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´De Hamborger Veermaster´ (Standard German: ´Der Hamburger Viermaster´, English: Hamburg's four-master) is a famous sea shanty sung in Low German. It is partly in English (an adaptation of the shanty "The Banks of the Sacramento") and partly in Low German. It was – and is still sometimes, in particular in Northern Germany –, the historical geographical distribution of Low German, sung as a work song.[citation needed]

Some claim that the "four-master" was the Hamburg America Line sailing ship Deutschland which at that time was used in transatlantic emigrant transport,[citation needed] but it is unclear whether any specific vessel is in fact referred to. In any case, this is in marked contrast to "The Banks of the Sacramento", which follows a similar pattern but deals with a fast and seaworthy ship travelling the Clipper route and taking "never more than seventy days" "[f]rom Limehouse Docks to Sydney Heads"[1].

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