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A red lighted sign with the word Dom and a lighted Ferris wheel in the background.
Entrance of Hamburger Dom at night in 2008.

The Hamburger Dom[1] is a large funfair held in Hamburg, at Heiligengeistfeld fair ground, in Northern Germany. With three fairs (spring, summer and winter) per year it is the biggest and the longest fair throughout Germany. It attracts approximately ten million visitors annually.[citation needed] This Volksfest (lit. peoples fair) is a funfair. It is located in the center of Hamburg on the Heiligengeistfeld and puts on an impressive firework display, that can be seen across the city, every Friday that it runs at 22:30 Hrs.[2]


A market in or in front of Hamburg's Cathedral (German: Hamburger Dom) was first recorded in 1329, at the beginning only in special seasons like Christmas. With the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century the fair was also held at other times. After the demolition of the cathedral (1804–1807), the market was held on the Gänsemarkt (geese market) in 1804, but kept the name Dom. Since 1892, the funfair was held at Heiligengeistfeld (lit. field of the Holy Spirit) and the name was used for all fairs in the area.[3]

  • Winterdom or Dommarkt (winter fair or cathedral market): 30 days in late autum
  • Sommerdom or Hummelfest (summer fair or Hummel market):[4] since 1947: 31 days during summer
  • Frühlingsdom (spring fair): since 1948, 30 days in spring


  1. ^ The German term Dom (Italian: Duomo) is the synecdoche, used - pars pro toto - for most persisting or former collegiate churches and cathedrals alike. Therefore the uniform translation of this term into English as cathedral is correct in this case, but in many other cases it is inappropriate.
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  4. ^ Hummel is the name of an Hamburg original see Johann Wilhelm Bentz

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