Hamilchama al hashalom

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Hamilchama al hashalom
Directed by Jules Dassin
Produced by Irwin Shaw, Jules Dassin (Paris)
Written by Irwin Shaw
Narrated by Jules Dassin (English version)
Claude Dauphin (French version)
Music by Irwin Bazelon
Cinematography Christian Darraux
Daniel Vogel
Edited by Roger Dwyre
Michele Neny
Distributed by United Film Enterprises
Release dates 11 June 1968
Running time 70 minutes
Country Israel
United States
Language English

Hamilchama al hashalom is a 1968 film directed by Jules Dassin. A version in French was released under the title Comme un éclair, and the English language release was titled Survival 1967.


This film documentary uses the 1967 Six-Day War and its immediate aftermath as its basis.[1] The material primarily presents Israeli sources and perspectives. It has been characterized as an anti-war screed. The film was panned for presenting little footage documenting the war, as well as for conflicting, alternating viewpoints and overall lack of narrative focus.[2]


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