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Hamilton Morris
Born (1987-04-14) April 14, 1987 (age 27)
Nationality American
Occupation Journalist
Religion Jewish

Hamilton Morris is a journalist and science editor of Vice magazine and a contributor to Harper's Magazine, born on April 14, 1987[1][2] who lives in Brooklyn, New-York.[3]


Morris was born in Massachusetts, and is the son of Julia Sheehan and documentary filmmaker Errol Morris. As a teenager he acted in television commercials, most notably a 2002 iPod commercial.[4] Although much of his work focuses on science, he has been described as a psychonaut, the writer Daniel Pinchbeck called him "a mad scientist, chemical genius, alchemist on the hunt for the chemical elixir of consciousness."[5] He also has edited the "Weird science issue" of Vice magazine. In 2014 Hamilton co-authored a scientific publication on the history of the recreational use of associative drugs such as PCP.[6] He has studied for three quarters at the University of Chicago[7][8] and New School with anthropologist Nicolas Langlitz, and is currently working on a book about clandestine chemistry.[9] Morris is Jewish.[10]

Video Reports[edit]

Morris writes a series called ("Hamilton's Pharmacopeia"), where he travels around the world investigating unusual psychoactive drugs. All of his video reports have been published as print articles in Vice or Harper's Magazine. Morris has a blog, where he speaks principally about chemistry.

Projects Include:


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