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Hamilton Zoo
Zoo logo
Date opened 1969
Location Hamilton, New Zealand
Coordinates 37°46′28″S 175°12′53″E / 37.7745°S 175.2148°E / -37.7745; 175.2148Coordinates: 37°46′28″S 175°12′53″E / 37.7745°S 175.2148°E / -37.7745; 175.2148
Land area 25 ha (62 acres)
Number of animals 400+
Number of species 93+
Memberships ZAA[1]
Major exhibits Chimpanzee, Sumatran Tiger, White Rhino, Painted Hunting Dog, Small Cats, Small Primates, Free Flight Sanctuary
Website www.hamiltonzoo.co.nz

Hamilton Zoo is the main zoological garden of Hamilton, New Zealand. Covering 25 hectares (62 acres), it is situated on Brymer Road in the Hamilton suburb of Rotokauri, on the outskirts of the metropolitan area towards the northwest. It is owned by the Hamilton City Council with the Department of Recreation and Welfare handling the day-to-day running of the site.

Hamilton Zoo is the first zoo in New Zealand to become fully accredited by the Zoo and Aquarium Association.[2]


The park was founded in 1969 as a game farm, the Hilldale Game Farm. It was originally owned by a Mr and Mrs Powell.[citation needed] They mainly raised game birds but there was also a small collection of exotic mammals and birds.

The zoo become unprofitable and was facing closure in 1976 before the Hamilton City Council stepped in and brought the site, buildings, and stock. In 1984, the zoo again faced closure but due to public pressure the Council resolved to kept it open. Day-to-day running of the zoo was transferred to the Department of Recreation and Welfare.

A concept plan was drawn up to give the zoo a clear direction, this resulted in the Zoo Education Centre opening in 1987.[citation needed] The plan also called for upgraded and new exhibits, plantings, boardwalks, and paths.

The position of Zoo Director was created in 1989.[citation needed]

Kunekune pigs at Hamilton Zoo.


The zoo features a number of exhibits, some unique to the zoo. The zoo has over 200 bird species.

Future developments[edit]

No major future developments are currently scheduled for the zoo. however there are some minor works planned, including an upgrade to the giraffe accommodation.[citation needed]


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