Hammeren Hydroelectric Power Station

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Hammeren Power Station
Hammeren kraftstasjon 1.jpg
Location Oslo, Norway
Commission date 1900
Owner(s) E-CO Vannkraft AS
Power generation
Primary fuel Hydroelectricity
Nameplate capacity 5 MW

Hammeren Hydroelectric Power Station (Norwegian: Hammeren kraftstasjon) is a hydroelectric power station located in Oslo, Norway. It is the only power station in Oslo, and among the oldest power stations still running in Norway. It has a total installed capacity of 5 MW, and an annual production of 16 GWh. The powerstation utilises the waterfalls from Skjærsjøen to Maridalsvannet, with a total height of 105 m. It was established in 1900 by the company Christiania Elektricitetsværk, originally with 4 generator units, and increased to six units in 1901. In 1927 the six generators were replaced by a single 5.6 MW unit.[1][2]


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Coordinates: 59°59′48″N 10°45′00″E / 59.99667°N 10.75000°E / 59.99667; 10.75000