Hammock House (Beaufort, North Carolina)

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Hammock House (also known as Blackbeard's House) is a historic house in Beaufort, North Carolina that is one of the oldest houses in the state.[1][2]

The house is believed to be constructed in the early eighteenth century (circa 1700) and is a prominent example of West Indies architecture.[3] There is a tradition that the pirate, Blackbeard (Edward Teach), stayed in the house in the eighteenth century while it was serving as an inn. In the nineteenth century, "[t]he house was used by the Union Army during the Civil War including a company of "Buffaloes" or Southerners who joined the Union forces."[4] On December 15, 2009 the house was featured on Episode 1.11 of Ghost Lab for its connection to Blackbeard.


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