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Hampshire Plaza, 2009

Coordinates: 42°59′34″N 71°27′50″W / 42.99278°N 71.46389°W / 42.99278; -71.46389 The Hampshire Plaza, located at 1000 Elm Street, Manchester, New Hampshire, is a 259-foot-tall (79 m), 20-story high-rise. From its completion in 1972 until the completion of the 275-foot (84 m) One City Hall Plaza at 900 Elm Street, it was the tallest building in the U.S. state of New Hampshire and in northern New England.[1] The building is recognizable as a box-shaped structure, with black tinted windows and black architectural features.

Hampshire Plaza has an urban mall attached, which has a single story of offices and storefronts and an indoor parking garage with several levels underneath. Hampshire Plaza is also attached by a skybridge to an indoor parking garage on an adjacent block. The high-rise was originally built by Public Service Company of New Hampshire (PSNH), the electric company that serves most of New Hampshire (now a subsidiary of Northeast Utilities).