Hamster Corporation

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HAMSTER Corporation
Industry Video games
Founded 11 November 1999
Area served Global
Products Sudoku by Nikoli
The Conveni
Website www.hamster.co.jp

HAMSTER is a Japanese video game publisher, with office located in Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan. The game division of Toshiba-EMI Limited spun off HAMSTER Corporation in November 1999.

In PlayStation Store of Japan, 120 or more titles is distributed to Game Archives, and very many titles are sold. HAMSTER Corporation acquired the rights of Nihon Bussan's video games in March 2014.[1]

Published games[edit]


PlayStation 2[edit]

PlayStation 3[edit]

PlayStation 4[edit]

PlayStation Portable[edit]

PlayStation Vita[edit]

PlayStation Mobile[edit]

  • Magic Arrows


Wii U[edit]

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