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HanWay Films is an independent British international sales, distribution and marketing company specializing in theatrical feature films.


In 1999, Jeremy Thomas founded international sales company HanWay Films with his colleagues Peter Watson (Deputy Chairman) and Stephan Mallmann, and continues to chair the board. Two new members joined the board in 2011, Thorsten Schumacher, previously Head of Sales, was appointed Managing Director, and former Head of Business Affairs Jan Spielhoff took the reins as Chief Operating Officer.

HanWay has established itself as leading international sales, distribution and marketing company specialising in high-profile quality films from worldwide talent. HanWay arranges financing, sales and distribution for all films from Recorded Picture Company, along with projects from third party producers.

HanWay also represents an extensive film catalogue of over 500 features including films from Thomas’s Recorded Picture Company, and the British Film Institute. Representing the very best in film-making talent, these include productions by Woody Allen, Takeshi Kitano, Bernardo Bertolucci, Wim Wenders, Terry Gilliam, David Cronenberg, Peter Greenaway, Jean Luc Godard, David Mamet, Milos Forman, Stephen Frears, Phillip Noyce and Nagisa Oshima. This library department is known as HanWay Select.


Executive Board[edit]

  • Jeremy Thomas - Chairman
  • Peter Watson - Deputy Chairman
  • David Stead - Financial Director
  • Thorsten Schumacher - Managing Director
  • Jan Spielhoff - Chief Operating Officer
  • Stephan Mallmann - Non-Executive Director


  • Thorsten Schumacher - Managing Director, Head of Worldwide Sales and Distribution
  • Claire Taylor - Director of Sales and Distribution
  • Chiara Gelardin - Director of International Sales
  • Anna Chettle - Sales Coordinator
  • Mark Lane - Director of Sales and Distribution, HanWay Select
  • Kate Hide - Business & Content Manager, HanWay Select


  • Matthew Baker - Director of Acquisitions
  • Philippa Tsang - Acquisitions Executive

Marketing and Publicity[edit]

  • Jonathan Lynch-Staunton - Director of Marketing and Distribution
  • Joanne Michael - Marketing and Distribution Manager
  • Jill Rosen - Director of Publicity and Distribution

Business Affairs & Finance[edit]

  • David Stead - Financial Director
  • Justin Kelly - Head of Business & Legal Affairs
  • Thomas Mann - Business Affairs Executive
  • Aziannida Samingan - Business Affairs Executive
  • Mark Thomas - Financial Controller
  • Barbara Smith - Contracts Manager
  • Beverley Cullen - Contracts Manager


















HanWay Select[edit]

HanWay Select represents collections from the British Film Institute,[1] Merchant Ivory,[2] Peter Weir, Wim Wenders, Phillip Noyce, Jean Doumanian, Alex Cox, Manoel De Oliveira and Recorded Picture Company, comprising some 500 feature films, documentaries and animations. This collection includes films from noted world cinema figures, including Woody Allen, Bernardo Bertolucci, David Cronenberg, Clint Eastwood, Miloš Forman, Stephen Frears, Terry Gilliam, Alfred Hitchcock, James Ivory, Takeshi Kitano, Bob Rafelson, Terence Davies, David Mamet, Martin Scorsese, Miloš Forman and Ridley Scott.


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